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Brian S. Mitchell

Recent Publications

  1. Schexnaydre, R. and B.S. Mitchell, “Solid State Blending of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) with Polystyrene: Extent of PET Amorphization and Compositional Effects on Crystallization,” J. Pol. Sci. B Pol. Phys., 46[13], 1348-1359 (2008).
  2. Schexnaydre, R. and B.S. Mitchell, “Solid State Blending of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) with Polystyrene: Extent of Compatibilization and its Dependence on Blend Composition,” Pol. Eng. Sci., 48[4], 649-655 (2008).
  3. Moster, A.L. and B.S. Mitchell, “Mechanical and Hydration Properties of Nafion®/Ceramic Nanocomposite Membranes Produced by Mechanical Attrition,” J. App. Pol. Sci., 111[2] 1144-1150 (2008).
  4. Heintz, A., M. Fink and B.S. Mitchell, "Mechanochemical Synthesis of Alkyl/Alkenyl-Passivated Silicon Nanoparticles," Adv. Mat., 19[22], 3984-3988 (2007).
  5. Schexnaydre, R. and B.S. Mitchell, "Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy Characterization of Heterogeneities in Solid-State Blended Polymers," Mat. Let., 61, 2151–2155 (2007).
  6. Mitchell, B.S., H. Ashbaugh, J. Prindle, and V.T. John, "From Survival to Renewal - Katrina and its Aftermath at Tulane's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department," Chem. Eng. Ed., Spring, 80-87 (2006).
  7. Mitchell, B.S., "Formation and Characterization of Highly Interfacial Hybrid Nanocomposites," Rev. Adv. Mat. Sci., Advanced Center Study, St. Petersburg, Russia, 10[3], 239-242 (2005).
  8. De Castro, C.L., and B.S. Mitchell, "Crystal growth kinetics of nanocrystalline aluminum prepared by mechanical attrition in nylon media," Mat. Sci. Eng. A, 396[1-2],124-128 (2005).
  9. Mitchell, B.S. and V. J. Law, "Community-Based Presentations in the Unit Operations Laboratory," Chem. Eng. Ed., 39[2], 160-163(2005).
  10. Roy, S., I.S. Dubenko, M. Khan, E.M. Condon, J. Craig, M. Ali, W. Liu and B.S. Mitchell, "Magnetic Properties of Perovskite-derived Air-Synthesized RBaCo2O5+d(R=La-Ho) Compounds," Phys. Rev. B, 71, 024419-1 (2005).
  11. Haynes, S.D. and B.S. Mitchell, "Preparation and Characterization of Ball-Milled Nafion Powders for Membrane Applications," J. App. Pol. Sci., 93[5], 2275–2281 (2004).
  12. Hampsey, J.E., C. De Castro, B. McCaughey, D. Wang, B.S. Mitchell and Y. Lu, "Preparation of Micron and Sub-Micron Sized Nanostructured Silica Particles Using High Energy Ball Milling," J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 87[7], 1280-1286 (2004).
  13. Decastro, C. and B.S. Mitchell, "The Use of Polymeric Milling Media in the Reduction of Contamination During Mechanical Attrition," J. Mat. Res., 17[12], 2997-2999 (2002).
  14. Decastro, C. and B.S. Mitchell, "Nanoparticles from Mechanical Attrition," in Advances in Nanophase Materials and Nanotechnology, M.I. Barton, editor, American Scientific Publishers, 2002.
  15. Muller E, D. Kurtenbach, G. Roewer, E. Brendler, and B.S. Mitchell, "Crystallization Kinetics of Polysilane Derived SiC," Key Eng. Mat., 206[2], 55-58, (2002)
  16. Zhang, H.Y., N. Maljkovic, and B.S. Mitchell, "Structure and Interfacial Properties of Nanocrystalline Aluminum/Mullite Composites," Mat. Sci. Eng. A, 326[2], 315-321 (2002).
  17. Mitchell, B.S., "Nanocrystallinity in Heat-Treated Calcium Aluminate Fibers," Mat. Lett., 48[5], 316-318 (2001)
  18. Mitchell, B.S., “MicroRaman Analysis of Calcium Aluminate Fibers Formed by Inviscid Melt Spinning (IMS),” Mat. Lett., 45[2], 138-142 (2000).
  19. Xiao, Z. and B.S. Mitchell, "Mullite Decomposition Kinetics and Melt Stabilization in the Temperature Range 1900-2000 C," J. Am. Cer. Soc., 83[4], 761-767, (2000).
  20. Zhang, H. and B.S. Mitchell, "A Method for Determining Crystallization Kinetic Parameters from One Non-isothermal Calorimetric Experiment," J. Mat. Res., 15[4], 1000-1007 (2000).
  21. Fondeur, F. and B.S. Mitchell, "A Modified Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Cell for Depth Profiling of Ceramic Fibers" Spectrochim. Acta A, 56, 467-473 (2000).

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