Lindy Boggs Building, Tulane University

Welcome to
Dr. Papadopoulos's
Research Group

     Our research efforts are directed towards studies on the fundamental role played by surface forces in:

(i)   separation and transport processes as applied to contaminated site remediation and toxic waste management

(ii)   unit operations in the development of industrial and consumer products.

      Surface forces determine how suspended particles in dispersions or emulsions interact among themselves and with other surfaces. These forces may cause colloids to aggregate and form particles that are large enough to settle (coagulation and sedimentation). Conversely, they may lead to repulsion between interacting particles, thus averting aggregation (colloid stability).


     Achieving the reverse (viz. stability against aggregation or coalescence) is crucial in the development of a diverse array of products such as medicinal suspensions, health and beauty products, agricultural sprays, metal working fluids, etc. In our group, we are interested in studying colloidal and surface interactions at the fundamental level.. We perform unique visual experiments to understand the phenomena of coalescence, hetero-aggregation, selective aggregation and the mechanisms of transport and stability in multiple emulsion systems.

       Our colloid and surface science laboratory is equipped with all necessary facilities to conduct basic and applied research. NSF, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, AIChE, ACS and other organizations have historically funded us. We actively collaborate with industry in the US and Europe and conduct research to understand the problem and develop solutions. 

     To view some of our visual experiments click on the text in the "Videos" section above. Thanks for visiting our page. Please feel free to write to us.